Siberian Mammoth

Paleolithic fossils, woolly mammoth ivory, fine mineral specimens, lapidary art, native precious metals



Featuring world renowned jewelry designer German Kabirski’s new collection, as well as high quality crystal specimens


Gemfinders International

We select the finest crystals, gemstones and hand carved items that Brazil, India & Madagascar can produce to ensure your satisfaction


Komarevich Originals Ltd

Beads, fossils, minerals and crystals


The Aesthetics Underground

Fine mineral specimens, gems and lapidary art from around the world



Handcrafted gemstone jewellery, slabs, cabochons and faceted stones


Bushman’s Bin

Crystals, minerals and jewellery


Linda’s Natural Wonders

Unique, handcrafted jewellery pieces featuring precious and semi-precious gemstones


Stone Haven Gems

Crystals, minerals, fossils, jewellery


Thunder Creek Rockshop

Rocks Crystals Fossils Minerals Jewellery


Capilano Rock & Gem

Serving jewellery industry since 1976



Faceted gems, cabochons, minerals, crystals, jewellery


The Crystal Ranch

Holistic treasures including exquisite crystals, gemstones and unique products



High-quality mineral specimens as well as unique crystal and gemstone jewellery and ornaments


Bedrock Gems

Unique gemstones


Lapis Gems Lapidary

The best selection of Gems and Minerals for Collectors, and Consumers in Canada


R&D Gems & Stones

Creating unique pendants and earrings with silver, copper and stainless wire using gems and stones


Kootana Crystal & Mineral

Collection fossils and minerals, jewellery


Nature’s Best Rock & Gem

Lapidary equipment, rocks, minerals and jewellery


Silver Street Jewellers

Wide variety of sterling silver jewellery with genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones


The Happy Prospector

Rock & Gem Shop


Crystal Rockin Mineral Shop

Wide variety of high vibration, high quality gem crystals and mineral specimens


Anne B. Accessories

Handmade Natural Wood and Pearl Beads, Custom Jewelry, Scarf Rings and Home creations all made from natural elements


Expression Beyond Purpose

Handmade gemstone jewellery


Crystal Mozart – Sisters in Laws

Crystal and gemstone jewelry, specifically coded and named for a purpose


Sage Stone Malas & Meditations

Gemstone malas and jewellery


Anne Fossum Jewelry

Jewellery designer


Canadian Gemmological Association

CGA has provided top-tier training in gemmology to the Canadian community since 1958


Edmonton Tumblewood Lapidary Club

Demos with the Edmonton Tumblewood Lapidary Club


Wijaya Gems

Gemstones from Sri Lanka


Enchanted Jewels

Diamond and gemstone finished jewellery


Stones & Weave

One of a kind, handmade bracelets and necklaces


Cave & Canyon

Fine crystals, handmade and laser etched grid boards


Centre for Spiritual Living

Balance and rejuvenate yourself with the healing power of a John of God Crystal Bed


Where Faeries Live

Pendulums, pocket stones, tumbled & raw, crystal towers, points and clusters


Bracelets 4 Humanity

Beautiful jewelry for a good cause, proceeds go to Operation Smile


AE Designs Canada

Mineral inspired art + furniture


Good JuJu Beads

Handcrafted genuine gemstone jewelry created with love and intention


Natural Selections

Fossils, rocks, minerals and other natural items


Sahara Minerals

Importer of fossils & minerals from Morocco


Ancient Sun Amber

The best quality amber from all over the world


Tribes Trading

Malachite carvings, jewellery and specimens


Alberta Mineral & Gem

Gems and minerals


GoldMill Co.

Refining machines to remove sand and rocks using a Helix spined pipe


Earth Stone Originals

Crystals + Minerals + Jewelry


Colour your World with Gems

Natural precious and semi-precious coloured gemstones from Sri Lanka


The Juice is Loose

Silversmithed and wire wrapped jewelry, gem specimens


Jenn’s Intuitive Work

Crystal healing energy work and bracelets


Photo Booth

Upload any photo on Instagram with hashtags #indiGem & #EdmontonGemShow to be entered to win a door prize



Alberta Gold Prospectors Association

Hands-on gold panning demonstrations


Roughneck HQ

Recreational mining equipment – hi-bankers and stream sluices